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There's been what I can only describe as a mass exodus of Optare Solos at Anglian recently. With the withdrawal of 954/6/9/61, only loanee 901 and 960 are left of the type in the fleet. For more details see our fleet list database: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jv2LXE2c8y6yhMZ8lCsU6-mz8xDEYlbv3RbQjpVdgf0/edit#gid=0

An observation I have noted is that with these withdrawals, and the final OmniCity now withdrawn too, the number of withdrawn buses in the yard is only six less than the number of operational buses. There are only 36 active buses left in Anglian's fleet, with 19 withdrawn Anglian vehicles in the yard and 11 Hedingham buses. For your interest, the full list of dead buses at Anglian is below.

64 K357DWJ
81 M144UKN
82 M146UKN
85 M282UKN
480 S376MVP
481 R216HCD
482 R227HCD
483 R229HCD
484 R231HCD
486 R233HCD
728 W828NNJ
104 WX62HGG
216 W216PRB
229 X229WRA
458 YN05HFH
459 YN05HFJ
460 YN05HFF
461 YN05HFG
462 YN03WRJ
713 T813RFG
902 YN04LWP
903 AU04JKN
905 MX53FDO
906 MX53FDP
907 YT51EBF
954 YN57HPU
956 YN57HRA
957 YN57HPV
959 AU08GLY
961 AU58AKN
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