Tuesday Round Up

Sanders 802 made an appearance on the 24 this morning
Just a few updates from an interesting morning in the city and on a few buses to some new photo locations.

First up, and by far the most interesting of all, was the appearance on Sanders VanHool T9 Alizee bodied VDL SB4000 802 538FN. Firstly, the coach has recently been re-registered from YJ05PZA. Today it was making a very rare appearance on Tuesday only service 24 into Norwich. 802 would have began its journey on the 24 in Fakenham exactly an hour and half before it is photographed; operating in Norwich by way of Little Snoring, Barney, Fulmondeston, Hindolveston, Wood Dalling, Salle, Reepham and Aldeford. The route is usually at the hands of one of Sanders much smaller Plaxton Cheetah bodied Mercedes Benz Varios.

I am currently in the process of trying to track Sanders VanHool T8 Alizee bodied DAF MB230 808 and Plaxton Premiere bodied Volvo B10M 1002, both of which have recently had their cherished registrations transferred to newer members of the fleet.

66343's new rear end advert seen its full light earlier today
Following on from an update published on Thursday 18th June, Wright Eclipse bodied Volvo B7L 66343 MV02VCW has recently received a rear advert wrap for Co-Op Funeral Services. In my previous update the whole look was not visible, but today it being on the 12 allowed for a decent shot. Clive Nixon's Ipswich Bus Blog reported that First Ipswich Wright Eclipse Urban bodied Volvo B7RLE 69011 AU05DMZ has received identical treatment.

In other local First news, Alexander Dennis Pointer Dart 42921 EU05AUN was not back out today repainted as initially expected. Ipswich contributor Bryan Dickson reports that Wright Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B9TL 36172 BD11CFV's repaint is almost complete at Simon Morris Paint Shop on Ransomes Euorpark. First South Yorkshire Wright Renown bodied Volvo B10BLE loanee 60618 R781WKW was on the 24 and 24A again today.

Seen at the peaceful little spot on the UEA is Gemini 36178
Next up was a ride out on the Blue Line 25 to the University of East Anglia with blog contributor and driver Joe Thorpe, who is currently on loan to Norwich. Being with Joe allowed me to get a shot I have wanted to get for a while; that being a bus at the turning circle at the very bottom of the University of East Anglia. While we were there, time warranted for a nice chat about Joe before the return journey to Norwich. The chariot was 36178 BD11CDX, which is currently waiting inline for repaint into the new Blue Line livery.

Back in Norwich, there were a good few visiting vehicles including those from Novabussing, Parks of Hamilton and Olympia Travel. Photographs of these are to be uploaded onto our Facebook group.
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  1. 1002 is still with sanders under original registration P44 TCC, and 808 if the right vehicle I am thinking about went to Manchester way

  2. Search for bubble travel on face book and you will Find them still in sanders livery